Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Keys - Part one

Today, I want to introduce the Black Keys - if you didn't know of them already. I'm reluctant to call them "blues rock" because that makes me think of Cream or Led Zeppelin (not really blues), and the Keys have a WAY more soulful, simple, and trashy blues sound then any typical blues rock band. I like to file it under "Modern Blues" because I think that is essentially what it is - It's not a fusion of anything, not even rock - it's just what modern one man blues sounds like. If blues had directly evolved from the one guy and a guitar style that I post about, it would have come to sound like this, but instead it somehow went in that crappy generic boogie woogie direction that eventually led to Cream, The Rolling Stones, etc.

Anyway, this is a selection of my favorite songs off of their debut album. This and their second album are definitely the most blues influenced. Later they start to wander into other musical territories. Favorite selections from other albums will come later, so check back!

Brooklyn Bound

Leavin' Trunk

Do the Rump

Heavy Soul


  1. I love the guitar in the first song!

  2. I've been told to listen to them, but never have before this. I like it, thx

  3. i just heard of black keys from another friend. ill have to give it a listen

  4. Her face the book of praises, where is read. Supporting!

  5. I really like the pure power in that guitar

  6. Man I love the Black Keys saw them in the ATL