Monday, November 15, 2010

Lord, Send me an Angel

This is a fantastic song by Blind Willie McTell. In those days, a bluesman could maximize his profits by recording the same song for different record companies, under different names. Blind Willie recorded many versions of this song under different names and giving the song a different name too. Of course, when you listen to it you can tell who it is and how it's really the same song with modified lyrics or a variation on the melody. Below are my favorite versions of "Lord, Send me an Angel" (yes there actually are more)

Lord, Send me an Angel - White Stripes

The White Stripes cover absolutely deserves mention here because it manages to preserve an old time blues feel even with the higher fidelity recording. I think the woody old time sound of the guitar and that very mild distortion of Jack's voice make the song.

Searching the Desert for the Blues

Recorded under the name Hot Shot Willie, McTell really nails it on this song. The recording quality is quite good for 1933 and you can really hear the jangle of his 12 string guitar - not something I can say for all his other recordings. The inclusion of the female voice answering his verses is also pretty funny.

Ticket Agent Blues

This is another great version. The noticeable reverb effect on the whole recording gives this whole song a really great feel. Some of the lyric changes used for this version are really top notch too. I believe this is the version the White Stripes covered (with lyrics thrown in from the others, too).

Lord Send Me an Angel

This versions is recorded in 1933 without accompaniment from a female singer. The guitar work is fairly clear in this recording so you can pick out the nice jumpy rhythm he's playing.


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  8. This is such a great list. It's always interesting to hear different takes on one song, and especially so when it's an awesome song!

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